About us

The Office of London CCGs

The Office of London CCGs coordinates the collaboration of the 32 London CCGs and is hosted by Lambeth CCG at 1 Lower Marsh In Waterloo.

The Office of London CCGs is led by Peter Kohn and Barbara O’Connor with business support provided by Erica Reade.

Our work includes

  • Managing the network meetings of the London Commissioning Council and the work which flows out of these meetings.
  • Providing a constant communication channel between the networks and external bodies e.g. NHS England and London Councils.
  • Managing the London levies
  • Project and programme management
  • Promotion of London CCG interests.

This is just a snippet of things we do – for more information, please contact us. 

The Office is hosted by Lambeth CCG and is based at Lower Marsh, in Waterloo.

One Lower Marsh is a few yards from the junction with Westminster Bridge Road. Lower Marsh links Westminster Bridge Road with Waterloo Road, immediately south of Waterloo Station.

Tube/train to Waterloo, please leave the main station via Exit One and turn right, this road runs parallel to Lower Marsh.

Lambeth North on the Bakerloo Line is a short walk along Westminster Bridge Road to Lower Marsh

Buses: pass through the Waterloo area, if you are unsure which bus is most suitable for your journey please contact the London Travel Information Line on 020 7222 1234