10 months ago

Doctors find common ground

The Office for London CCGs held a meeting of Clinical Commissioning Group Chairs and trust Medical Directors in June hosted by the London Clinical Commissioning Council (LCCC). The session aimed to bring medical leaders from primary and secondary care together to focus on identifying and tacking the clinical leadership challenges that stem from developing population and place based care – and what that means in reality for London.

The well-attended event was introduced by LCCC and Lewisham CCG chair, Dr Marc Rowlands. In a lively and open discussion, attendees addressed some of the ‘urban myths’ and sacred cows’ about relationships between acute and primary care doctors in London.

For medical leaders to be able to lead the development of whole systems, attendees agreed to the need to build positive and constructive relationships between acute and primary care.

Discussion also suggested the need for a shared sense of ‘place’ – an understanding of the population/catchment and the following points are examples of those raised:

  • For acute hospitals place is often multi layered i.e. catchments for ‘DGH’ and specialist service will differ, some borough based others much wider
  • Population and place are not synonymous i.e. population can be defined by area or specific need
  • Registered populations (used by Health) and resident populations (used by LA) are different – a key question for ACO’s will be what is the population they are responsible for
  • Place is underpinned by relationships which require people being brought together and developing a shared sense of purpose and identity (also an understanding of accountability and responsibility.

During the course of the meeting attendees found significant common ground, agreed to meet regularly to progress common ideas & work. They also articulated a set of principles to underpin their future joint work.

An awayday is now planned for the 15th of November for Clinical Commissioning Group Chairs and trust Medical Directors.