The London Clinical Commissioning Groups

There are 32 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in London. Each CCG is a statutory NHS body with its own governance arrangements; these vary according to its Constitution. CCGs are membership organisations of the practices within their boundaries. They are responsible for meeting the health needs of their populations and their main focus is on local issues.

London CCGs need to work together in order to discharge some of their responsibilities and it is essential that robust arrangements are in place to enable effective collaboration. These arrangements reflect the membership nature of CCGs.

The principal objectives for CCG collective working in London are:

  • To manage collective commissioning arrangements.
  • To liaise with other London wide organisations such as the NHS England (London), Mayor’s office and London Councils.
  • To work in partnership with the NHS England (London) to plan, and to manage strategic change which cross CCG boundaries.
  • To promote shared learning to improve performance.
  • To coordinate other activities as required.